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Home Design

Home design can be provided to our customers by combining our extensive experience in the field and the use of today's technology. Let us help you draw up a blueprint for permit requirements, builders and bankers so you can start building.

Onsite Measurement

On site measurement is another service we provide to help our customers have as much of a "painless" experience as possible. We have several office and field reps that can perform this service. In fact, we have over 130 years total experience you can count on to insure accurate dimensions and timely deliveries.

Crane Services

Among our fleet of trucks and delivery systems, we have the option of providing you with crane truck delivery. These crane trucks can set your trusses on top of your walls in small bundles or 1 at a time. During the building season, these trucks are booked in advance and used only by special request. Please call for more details regarding this unique service.

Delivery Service

Our fleet of delivery trucks and professional drivers ensure that we can "deliver the goods" to your project in a timely and safe manner. We pride ourselves on being there when we say we will whether it be a one-truss-at-a-a-time set with our "boom truck", a simple "roll off" or a complicated system that has a hundred of pieces. Our well maintained trucks and trailers, along with our drivers, will get the job done.

Contact us

To see how Southern Truss can help you with your project please contact us at 1-800-447-0318 or email us at trusssouthern@yahoo.com.
Our hope is that after dealing with us you will agree Southern Truss and their employees are “Absolutely the Best”.

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